When is the best time to use a BabyEcho fetal doppler each day?

Fetal heart rate variations are most noticeable in the following three time periods:

  • Within 30 minutes of the pregnant woman waking up
  • Within 60 minutes after the pregnant woman's lunch
  • 30 minutes before bedtime in the evening During these periods, due to changes in the pregnant woman's physical condition, the oxygen supply to the fetus relatively decreases, which can lead to symptoms of fetal hypoxia. Monitoring the fetal heart rate during this time is most indicative of the fetus's health. How many times is it appropriate to use the fetal heart monitor each day? Generally, regular use of a Doppler fetal heart monitor should not have any adverse effects. The ultrasound dosage of the fetal heart monitor is far below safety requirements. If used at home, it is advisable to use it when the baby is active, preferably no more than three times a day."


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