BabyEhco Doppler Features

Discover the Advanced Features of BabyEcho Doppler

Why Choose BabyEcho Doppler?

Leading Features of BabyEcho: The Ultimate At-Home Fetal Doppler

Unparalleled Accuracy: Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat Clearly

BabyEcho Doppler stands out for its precision, ease of use, and safety, making it the preferred choice for expectant parents worldwide. Our advanced fetal monitoring technology ensures you can connect with your baby from the early stages of pregnancy, offering peace of mind and a memorable bonding experience. With BabyEcho, cherish every heartbeat with unparalleled clarity and comfort.

Large Color Screen

TFT 2.4" Color Display- Outshining the

3.0MHz High Sensitivity Probe

Allows for accurate measurements, even as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

Mode Switch Button

Choose between FHR Curve Display (Waveform) and Big Font Mode for versatile monitoring options.

Built-in Speaker

Experience the joy together by sharing the delightful sound with those around you through BABYECHO's Doppler.

Headphone jack&Charging port

Headphone jack:connect your headphones for a private moment, savoring the special connection between just you and your little one.

Type-C Charging port supports
multiple power supply modes


Large Color Display

TFT 2.4" Color Display- Outshining the Competition.

Our TFT 2.4" color screen sets the standard for clarity and reliability. It outperforms most competitors,Providing a clear view of your baby's heartbeat rate, ensuring a dependable monitoring experience.

FDA Apporved BabyEcho Fetal Doppler

FDA 510(k)

FDA Approved

You can trust in the reliability of our BABYECHO’s Fetal Doppler.It's US FDA 510(k) certified(K211940),Guaranteeing safety and Effectiveness. Plus, It operates with zero radiation and uses eco-friendly ROHS materials,prioritizing your peace of mind during pregnancy.

Compatible with Android Apple IOS

An Exclusive App for Mobile

Elevate your monitoring experience with our exclusive mobile app. Connect your BABYECHO Doppler to your smartphone and access real-time heartbeat tracking. Record and share these precious moments effortlessly, right from your mobile device.

Curve and Digital

Dual Color Display Mode

Choose between FHR Curve Display (Waveform) and Big
Font Mode for versatile monitoring options

Built-in 1000mAh lithium battery


No more battery hassles. Our BabyEcho Fetal Doppler comes with a built-in rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring. It's eco-friendly and cost-effective. Just recharge and use anytime, anywhere, no disposable batteries needed

Crystal sound of your baby's heartbeat

Smart Noise Reduction

Enjoy crystal-clear audio, free from background interference, ensuring a soothing experience when listening to your baby's heartbeat

Built-in ARM64-bit MCU

The Smartest Fetal Doppler

Autocorrelation Algorithm:Eliminates interference, suppresses noise, enhances accuracy, reduces calculations,improves response speed, ensuring precise measurements.

Optional Fetal Movement Record: Capture every precious movement – our doppler offers an optional feature to record your baby's movements.

Power Auto-Off: Our energy-efficient design ensures prolonged use, automatically turning off when not in use.